Mastering oral and written language

Our aim in the Language Learning program is that students leave Le Cours du Pont de Pierre with a love and ease of languages, people, cultures and tools to communicate efficiently and meaningfully. We value the learning of additional languages and the development of mother tongue languages. Proficiency in additional languages aids the student in acquiring competencies in other curricular areas.
We expand upon the existing base of French already acquired.

Positive psychology and Pedagogy

“Children and young people have a natural curiosity and inclination to explore and inquire that should be encouraged and not shut down or limited through telling them what to do and what to think.”

At Le Cours du Pont de Pierre, we ensure that our pedagogy is :

Comprehensible : Our students have a deep and comprehensive understanding of what they are doing. They are not only taught know how to do something, but also why, when, and. And can link learning to the big ideas underpinning it.

Manageable : Our students are provided with the right and an appropriate level that challenges them and which they feel they can manage.

Meaningful : Learning and the challenges involved in the tasks and activities involved are meaningful enough for them to be interesting and to engage our students.

Indiviualized : Each student has their own academic schedule adapted to their specific course of study and needs. We aim to meet them where they are and accompany them where they need to be/where they are going. We help integrate learning methods and adapt to their academic progress.