Word of the headmaster

Welcome to Le Cours du Pont de Pierre !
Our passion for bringing out the unique talents in each student lies at the heart of our educational philosophy, based on individual teaching. Because we provide a supportive family atmosphere, it encourages our students to learn efficient working methodology, develop their self-confidence and their ability to work and live in a community, and therefore to succeed in the complex and competitive adult world that is expecting their talents.
As you would know, we cannot possibly paint the whole picture in these pages, so do come and experience our cheerfulness in the heart of Paris !


Grégoire Van Steenbrugghe

With an educational background in and after a 15 years experience in private tutoring, Grégoire developed a company, WISMI. He discovered a need and had a vision to create a school that would accompany students closely and encourage them to develop into who they are becoming” - Then was conceived, Le Cours du Pont de Pierre. Grégoire is co-author of : « Le premier acteur de la scolarité épanouie de vos enfants, c’est vous ! », and author of the book « L’aide aux devoirs jusqu’à l’entrée au Collège » at Hachette.

Audrey Stroppa

Novice tutor formed at La Sorbonne and at L’Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm in Italian literature, Audrey passes on to our students her passion for French and Italian literature. She teaches them methods to build reasoning and works with their oral and writing expression. Audrey establishes naturally, a confidence with each student. Her trilingual background helps her relate especially to those students studying “French as a foreign language”

Jeanette Laugier

American, Jeanette shares degree in science with a concentration in elementary education. During several years working with a major pharmaceutical company, Jeanette continued to live out her passion for training and informing. Jeanette has six years of training and directing leaders of children in various capacities. She instills positivity and a pleasure of learning English with strong emphasis on literacy. Jeanette has a unique aptitude for engaging her audience/students.

David Jornet

David is our Spanish teacher coming from Barcelona. He communicates with much fineness, in small groups, his passion for languages through oral exchanges and texts studies.

Pedagogical Board / Educational Board

Paul Lestienne

Paul is the Le Cours du Pont de Pierre’s Pedagogical Board and Academic director. For 16 years, Paul was the director of Fénelon Sainte Marie. Prior to that, he was a French literature teacher. His career awarded him the distinguished, Palmes Academiques. Along with conducting conferences to children and parents, he helps Le Cours du Pont de Pierre his expertise about the pedagogical approaches which we can incorporate, to best accompany our students.

Christine Henniqueau-Mary

Christine has been a literature teacher for 16 years. Since 1990, Christine has been a psycho-pedagogist for children, teenagers and young adults. Through her implication in Le Cours du Pont de Pierre, Christine spreads the results of years of research in terms of pedagogy and language mediation. Christine is co-author of 3 books on school support, How to Work Alongside Schoolwork (primary, secondary, high school) and author of The Child That Wanted to Think at Fabert.

Dominique Thouin

After a legal career, Dominique became a specialist in psychopedagogics (another invented word that is not in the english dictionary) and co-author of the guide, How to Accompany Schoolwork) (Fabert). Educated in practicing linguistic mediation within her school support activities towards children and teenagers, she is also a volunteer administrator of a kindergarten.

External Actors

Edgar Sallien

Painter, Edgar teaches in his workshop. He works with us to help our students express themselves through drawing.

Jean-Philippe Louvain

Jean-Philippe used to be a physical education teacher in high schools before becoming a sport coach. He helps our students connecting to their body through different types of exercises.

Laurent Deve

Laurent is an actor and a drama teacher. With great success, he helps our students take on their placeand express themselves in public by voice and presence through improvisation exercises.


Psychotherapist, Nathalie intermediates with some of our students and their family to help them handle non-pedagogical problematics that interfere with their schooling.

Maryline Guitton

Maryline is an artist and french pedagogue. Since 2003, she is a member of L’Association Centre Artistique International Roy Hart, which is dedicated to vocal research. She accompanies the vocal expression of our students.